Hey girls,

I am in such a good mood, as the weather has been super nice the past few days and my weekend has already started! And, only two more final papers and I will start with my internship, which I am very excited about.

Last weekend I visited Amsterdam with my boyfriend, which was really nice since I had not been there in a while. I have to be honest with you, all we did there was walk from place to eat to place to eat to place to eat haha! Actually, the reason I wanted to go to Amsterdam, was to visit all the nice restaurants. I did not even buy any clothes, which is a quite something for me.


I will tell you about the places I have been, as they are all so good.

The first stop we made was for lunch, as it was already around 2 p.m. when we got in Amsterdam. The place is called Buffet van Odette, which is located at the Prinsengracht. I have been there a couple times now and their omelette with truffle cheese is so good.


After lunch we walked quite some time and visited de Bijenkorf, which is so pretty right now! I didn’t know that. But more importantly, it was time for something sweet. This time we went to de Drie Graefjes, as they have the best red velvet cake I ever had.¬†And for dinner, I can really recommend to go to happyhappyjoyjoy, where they have asian food.

As for my outfit: I wore fake leather pants from a couple of years ago I found in my closet. They are super warm, so that’s why I decided to wear them haha! I combined this with a striped top and a black coat I stole from my sister. The reason I put this outfit together, was because this fitted so well with my new shoes. They are white sneakers with black stars on them and I am so in love. I think they’re so cool and comfy at the same time, which is rule number one for shoes.

Hope your weekend was as nice as mine!


Pants: Zara Coat: SamsoeSamsoe Top: Maison Scotch Shoes: Nubikk



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