Helllooo my girls,

The recipe you posted looked delish and if I will ever have time in my life again (I am 3 weeks behind with KUWTK because I have no time, what is this life?), I will try it out!
Currently I am enjoying a salad my mom made (thanks mammie) and waiting for my day to end so I can sleep again (I am soooo tired, you have no idea). But besides that, the weather is nice (not that I can enjoy it, but still), which makes me really happy and life is pretty good.
Yesterday, I visited the NFS fashion show for The Mailstash and got to be VIP and sit front row. Saar you did an amazing job and I was so proud to see you present the event. The location was a good choice too (it was at NRC Café in Rotterdam, you should go if you’re in Rotterdam). But more on the fashion show now!
The show featured eight different designers and their collections made for either their school project or just their own clothing brand. I would not say that I would wear the clothes as my every day style, but it was quite something. Maybe more something that had to do with art, is a good way to describe it. But all in all, I was really impressed as the clothes looked so professional.
I hope you enjoyed organizing as much as I enjoyed watching it Saar, but I got to say, you have some talent, so keep on going! And one more shout out to the New Fashion Society. If you are interested in a career in Fashion and studying at EUR, check out their work and maybe one day, you’ll be part of it too!




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