Dear Teg,

I know, I am two days late! This month has been filled with buying makeup (as always), but a lot of that I wanted to show you in a separate post. So this month will be the most random one yet. However, these products are very much my favorites, and I still really wanted to share them with you. Most of these I have been using for quite some time, and therefore I can attest to their quality.


Kiko Hydra Pro Mask, 8,95

A moisturizing mask is exactly what you need when the nights get longer, and the days get colder. My skin always gets very dry during the winter, and this mask will keep me hydrated. I try to do a mask once a week, especially because my skin hasn’t been at its best lately. This msk was also really affordable, which is always a plus.


Kiko Nail Laquer, 4,95

Another Kiko product I bought during one of my splurges are these super pretty Kiko nail polishes. They stay on your nails longer than other polishes do, and they come in these nice fall colors. Definitely a recommendation from someone who is obsessed with nailpolish.


Rexona Maximum Protection, 7,59

This might not be the sexiest recommendation, but it is definitely one of my best. I’ve been using this deodorant for ages and got a lot of other people to use it too. You can count on this deodorant to keep you smelling amazing for the longest time. No matter how long you travel, or how much exercise you do. It is quite expensive, but to me, good hygiene is so important, it is worth every penny. This brand is often on sale, so I would definitely recommend checking it out.


Hema Dip & Clean, 2,75

This nail polish remover is AMAZING. It is the funniest thing, you put your finger in this jar, you twist it around, and it removes your polish so easily. For someone who polishes her nails very often, this is a must-have. It has made my life a lot easier.

I hope these random reccomendations help youthrough the cold months to come!





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