Dear Saar R. and Teg,

How are you guys dealing with all the university stress? There are so many deadlines right now, it almost makes me forget that last week I was still on a mini vacation. I went to Antwerp for two days for my mom’s birthday. We took the train, and it did not take long before we arrived to this gorgeous station.


After checking out our beautiful hotel, that was luckily located very close to the station and the city centre, we went shopping. There was a lot of sale in all the stores so I found some great things. I bought two very nice little black dresses at H&M, that in my opinion you can never have enough of. I also bought my mom a scarf for her birthday at Zara, and of course, much, much, more.


We also had to discover the city’s culinary options. I ate an amazing waffle, which is a must have when you are in Antwerpen. That night we had dinner at restaurant “De Bomma,” this is definitely a great place to eat. You could choose different things from the menu to compose your own meal, which I loved.

DSC06169DSC06182The next day we went to the Photography Museum for some cultural experience. There were a few great expositions. Afterwards I had to pay a visit to the Brandy Melville.


Even tough getting home was not easy because of some train trouble, we had the best time. For a small trip Antwerp is always a good idea. You can do a lot of shopping and also visit great museum. Actually, just the waffles are already worth the trip.

Good luck with everything girls!





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