Hey Teg!

This post is kind of symbolic. I’m back in The Netherlands again! I’m still so happy that we went, and that we created so many great memories together with the family. We are super close, always, but sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t see each other that much. That’s why it was so good to spend two weeks together, and remember how much we love each other. I honestly have the best family, we laugh until we cry, and are always there for each other.

It was quite the journey to get back home again. We drove for around 15 hours, with one stop in a French village again. No one slept well in the hotel. My brothers because they thought they saw a mouse. It is so crazy that we get along so well in the car. In total we probably drove like 30 hours this vacay, and we never really fought.

I’m so happy to be back home again, and to be able to finally see my friends. There have been so many great memories. Swimming in the pool, the tons of beach days, the beautiful places we visited, and endless amounts of baquettes we ate.

This dress I bought at the Zara in Cannes. I’m still so obsessed with the clothes I bought there. Don’t you think this look is so beautiful with the orange walls, and the blue accents?

I hope to see you again very, very soon again!



P.S. If you thought this was the last of my vacation series, don’t worry! I will still write some posts on my experiences to keep the memories alive.


Dress: Zara


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