Dear Sarah L,

We’ve met you during our first year at university, what a good day! Talking about uni, never ever, forget how lucky you are to only live 15 minutes  away from uni, and that you do not have to take public transport or be stuck in traffic. Besides this, we also admire your nice CV building skills, with you being part of the Events team of the New Fashion Society as well as the Erasmus Dance Society!

You stand out for always being in a good mood (even at 9 a.m. lectures and tutorials, and before exams and deadlines), your baking skills, the fun dinner parties and making fun of yourself and all the ‘drama’ that is happening in your life. About those dinner parties, you know how to bring people together like no other on this planet. We always have a fun evening, with way too much food and your created Spotify playlists. We are forever grateful for all of those fun nights, the public Spotify playlists that we all listen to and the fact that you created your very own girls’ squad. But apart from all of this, you are probably the sweetest, most generous and funniest person ever. Not a day goes by without a compliment about how great our hair looks, how perf our outfits are or how our bodies are goals.

With lots of love and kisses and smiles and more love,

Sarah and Tegla



Hi Teg,

You just turned 19, which means you are our baby! We admire your love for working out, fashion, healthy food, traveling and hanging out with your family. Also, you and your boyfriend are not so low key goals, as he baked you the birthday cake you always wanted. We would describe you as being pretty smart and fun to talk with. It never gets boring to be in class with you or invite you to Sarah’s dinner parties. Moreover, you are a great listener and your glass is always half full.

Maybe that is because you have seen such a big part of the world already? Or as you always say: Things could always be worse!

All in all, you are a very sweet great friend, and someone to have a lot of fun with! Your sense of style is so cool, we always define you as perfect. You can put your clothes together in such a way you always look elegant and confident, and always look like you have your life in order!!

Teg, we have the faith you will achieve great things and we are excited to see what the future has in store for you.

With fashionable greetings,
Sarah and Sarah


Hii Sarah R.,

How cool is that you can finally show your creative and stylish side to the world? You always look cute at uni and it would be a shame if that would go unnoticed. Besides always looking good, we love how you’re so laid back and always take time to get a Starbucks before getting to class (even if this mean you will be late).

You are such a fun person, and we always have the greatest time with you. From crazy nights out at Bar, to random sleepovers, there is never a dull moment. You have a great family, with the cutest brothers and sisters, who have taught you great values, and have made you into the person you are today. When I want to talk you are always there and we can always laugh about all of our funny stories.

Your sense of style is absolutely amazing and very “fun.” Out of all of us, your style is probably the most colorful and girly. That is why I love shopping with you. Buying workout clothes and matching bidons was so great (even though we might have to use them a bit more ;)).

We look forward to you starting this journey with us!

Loooooots of love,

Tegla and Sarah L.