Dear Teg and Saar R.,

I am enjoying Paris so much! It is really great to spend some quality time with my family. Today I wanted to go some places that are a little less touristy. Since I have seen Paris quite a few times now, it is nice to look a bit further than just the Eiffel Tower. I found this street in one of those lists that tells you everything you have to see in Paris, and it did not disappoint. ¬†I will tell more about it in my “Paris hotspots” post (coming soon).

I have done so much shopping already since I got here, especially at the Brandy Melville, one of my absolute favorite stores. This look was of course way to cold for the weather, but that is kind of my thing. I have never been able to dress appropriately for the cold weather.

I am so exited that I can share my travels with you guys through our blog! I will share even more later, but for now I am going to sleep in my Paris hotel room.

Lots of love,







Skirt: Brandy Melville, Shirt: Brandy Melville, Bag: Brandy melville


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