Dear Teg and Saar R.,

Today I wanted to tell you about some of the great places I visited while I was in Paris. I hope you enjoy!

Nina Kendosa

Six years ago I went to Paris for the first time and discovered this store. I bought a dress and a skirt that I was completely in love with, and that I wore until they fell apart. Now six years later, I bumped into the store again by accident, and of course I had to look inside. I was pleasantly surprised. The store was decorated in such a lovely way and the designs still very much spoke to me. I love everything pink, so it is no surprise that I love the interior of this place. The clothes are very unique designs for a super affordable price. There are nine stores of Nina Kendosa in Paris, and they also have an online shop. If you ever find yourself in Paris I would definitely recommend checking out this store.



11, quai Saint Michel

55, rue Montmartre

31, rue de Turenne

43, rue Saint Louis en L’lle

87, rue Mouffetard

24, rue de Buci

Galerie du Claridge 74, av. des Champs Elysées 

65, rue de Passy

8, rue de Steinkerque

Rue Crémieux

Rue Crémieux is an unexpected surprise in the streets of Paris. I have a great love for coloured houses and imagine myself living in a pink house someday. Therefor, when I saw this street on Pinterest I knew I had to find it. You have to look for it to get there, but for me, it was definitely worth while.


Promenade Plantée

My mom took us to this park that rises above Paris, literally. We were there in winter so I can imagine that it will be even more beautiful during spring and summer. It is a great place for a morning workout. You see a lot of people run, and there is also outdoor fitness equipment. It is a really nice, quiet escape from the busy city.


I look forward you seeing you guys tomorrow!





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