Bonjour Teg!

I just woke up in our beautiful house in Saint-Maxime. It is so great to be here, I still remember everything from two years ago, when I also visited this place. The road here was long, tree days long even.

We started driving on Thursday, and arrived Thursday evening in a little French village where we would stay the night in a hotel. We had dinner in a local restaurant, but I just ate a little bit. We all had our own rooms, but my brother texted me if we could hang out, so we chilled at his room, watching modern family, and eating chocolate.


A lot of people might think being on the road for that long is a nightmare, but I love it actually. My family is great, but we don’t always get to spend that much time together when we are just back home. Being in a car for that long really makes us bond. I always get the front seat, so I’m dj’ing the whole way there. That means a lot of country music, and my dad’s favorites. Remember when you were little, that you would fight the whole car ride? We never have that anymore. Until the end, than I always get kind of annoyed with everyone.


Our second stop was in the home of my dad’s friends. They have a beautiful home, but it was not easy to find. They have an absolutely amazing view, and a very big house. It was so kind of them to welcome us into their home. At night me and my brother sneaked the car snacks into our room and watched the movie White Chicks. The next day we said goodbye to them and their lovely dog, and drove two more hours to our own house.


Teg, I hope you are having an amazing time in Aruba. To see where I am now, you will have to stay tuned!

Bye, I’m off to the beach now!




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