Hey Friends,

It’s Saturdayyy!! What a week it has been. All my friends are back from exchange and this was the first time we all had class together again. I can’t even explain how good it feels to be surrounded again by these amazing girls. In between classes we ate fries and chocolate cake together (okay, let’s be honest, I was eating all of that) laughing again, and annoying the whole restaurant, it was lovely.

Yesterday, I had drinks with Saar and Roos in the city. It was rough at first because it is so cold in Rotterdam right now, and I had to bike there. We first visited the MacDonalds to have dinner hahaha. Then we had drinks and were just talking all evening. I drunk way too many sodas though. I’m not super into alcohol, so if I go for drinks I’m just drinking so much Sprite and Fanta.

Before, my crazy Friday night, my mom and I went to the cooking store (one of my fave places on earth) to pick up some necessities to make the perfect cake for Galentine. Next to the cooking store, there is this lovely restaurant. My mom and I shared a tasty lunch there of bread and various toppings. If you’re in the neighborhood I would highly recommend it.

Now I’m off to make the pinata for Galentine!




Lof der Zoetheid: Noordplein 1, 3035 EA Rotterdam


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