Hello Darlings,

I haven’t talked to you in a while, because I’ve so super busy with my thesis. It’s a very interesting development for me to have a busy life because the past year everything has been quite chill.

Besides working on my thesis, I also got my mojo back. I don’t know if all of you know what this means but there’s a New Girl episode about it. This resulted in me having friend dates all week. Tuesday Kim and I had a classic night of us eating dinner and watching series together. I’m obsessed with the medical show The Resident, and now I also turned Kim onto it. Wednesday Goda and I watched the movie The Kissing Booth. I loved it!! It’s a classic romantic comedy like they don’t really make anymore. We started off thinking it was a movie for 14-year olds and were kind of shook when it turned out to be a bit spicier than that. Besides that, I have been doing interviews for my thesis all week, and I have been loving it. I get to talk to people about the most personal details of their relationship and do that for the sake of research, that’s honestly my perfect job.

Kim and I went for lunch today because she officially turned 22, we had already celebrated her 21st birthday 2 weeks before, cause she had postponed that for a year. I had been to Lot & Daan before but this time it was even better. It is probably the most Instagram friendly place I’ve ever been, so we took tons of pictures.

When I’m done with my thesis, I will update you more often, because I have so many exciting things to share!





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