Dear Teg,

How are you? I’m so happy to hear you’re having such a good time in England. I would love to come visit you actually, I looked at pictures of Exeter, and it looked so pretty. Somehow I find it a perfect fit for you, but I’ve told you that before.

Wednesday is my day off so when my bestie, Kimberly, asked me if I wanted to eat cake in the city I was totally up for it. She knew about this place because she bought her birthday cake here. Now you might wonder, does Sarah ever do anything other than eating? I really don’t to be honest, and sweets are my favorite. There are very little things that make me as happy as chocolate, so this chocolate cake was perfect for me.

Kimberly and I go way back and even though we have known each other for ages we always have so much to talk about. Today a big topic of conversation was that we were gonna online shop together on this site that I discovered, because we always like the same things. We also both really loved this cute place, where you would already go for the prettiness of the interior.

I would really recommend this place for when you come back.




Urban bakery, Voorburgstraat 217-219

Pants: H&M, Top: H&M, Scarf: Zara

Photography: Kimberly Jahja and I 


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