Dear Saar and Teg,

Teg, you looked incredible in your last outfit post. That dog was the cutest thing ever. I had the pleasure of going to Düsseldorf with you once and we had so much fun!

I have been working out quite a bit lately, not only because after I feel like I’m entitled to eating as much as Nutella as I want, but also to get in shape for the NFS Fashion Show. We have been working on the show a lot lately, and I’m super exited. Teg will sit as a VIP front row, and cover the event on the blog. My friend Val will also come as a VIP for her blog, and my bestie Fleur will be walking as a model. I will be presenting the show, and I’m so nervous for that, but it’s always important to do things out of your comfort zone, even though it scares you crazy much.

On Tuesday I had such a fun high tea with my best friend Kim, as you might have seen on the Insta. It was at tea lab (my fave place), and we got a whole plate of food. As you know, any occasion that involves food, I love, but this time was even more special because it was for my birthday. It was so nice to just catch up and swap stories. Kim and I don’t always get the chance to see each other often, but when we do, we always talk for hours. After that, I went to get even more food with my brother Thijs. He is going through his final exams, and needed some foody support (and I needed food to support my support for him haha). For the first time, I went to the supermarket in my pj’s and I loved it, it was so comfy hahaha.

On Thursday I made a dress with my cousin, like an actual dress. She is studying fashion, and is super talented. Luckily, she helped me with this project, because even though I starting making my own clothes when I was really young, I am still not very skilled at it. Maybe I will feature the dress in an outfit post later, because I would love for you to see it.

This weekend was a big one, a very important soccer game took place in Rotterdam. I watched at home with my grandparents and my mom, which was great. I always get super into it and become really competitive. Luckily our team won, and it was a big party.

This photo shoot took place at a hotspot in Rotterdam. It is a long yellow bridge that is above built the city. From here you had a great view at all the soccer supporters. It reminded me how much I love this city that I have lived in my whole life, and how photogenic it can be.

For now, I will finish the last details of the fashion show, and I hope to see you there.





Pants: Zara, T-shirt: Vogue NL, Heels: Men at Work, Coat: Zara, Necklace: Brandy Melville


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