Dear Teg and Saar,

How are you babes? Have not seen you since the exchange announcement event and I really miss you guys. I’d say we should have a sleepover this weekend and make those delicious oreo cupcakes! Also, Saar, I love the colors in the ZOEVA palette, and now I can’t get it out of my head (#makeupaddiction), so I will probably buy it soon…

I am doing really well. Things have been going great lately and I found out that I can go to Paris for my exchange. This is a dream come true, because I am obsessed with Parisiennes and their lifestyle! Now, I’m busy again with the third term of this year, work, the blog, et cetera.

I decided to do a post about my fave working spots in Rotterdam. When I have to study, work, write or read, I usually go somewhere instead of staying home. Mostly because there are too many distractions at home, but also because I just like the atmosphere in cafés. So here’s my top 5 ♡

1: The Tea Lab is definitely my favorite one. You can go there for tea, obviously, but also coffee, lunch and all kinds of cakes, yoghurts, salads… It is in the center of Rotterdam and has free WiFi! Don’t have to work? Try the high tea. You will not regret it.


2: A relatively new place in Rotterdam is Baker and Moore. You can go there for healthy and fresh sandwiches, based on a Create-It-Yourself concept. There are always a lot of people working on their laptop there, because of the fast WiFi and the calm atmosphere.


3. The third place is Picknick Rotterdam. This is a breakfast/lunch spot on the Mariniersweg and they work with healthy and fairtrade products. This is not the place with the cheapest, but definitely the place with the best food!


4. Lebkov is a great place right next to Central Station. It is very nice and affordable, but I usually stay there for only thirty minutes, because I wait for my train there. They have great WiFi, coffee and juices!


5. Another new concept in Rotterdam is Heilige Boontjes. This is a project that tries to help underpriviliged young people, by offering them a job, so they are learning a lot and they can look for other jobs in a few years. The café is at Eendrachtsplein in Rotterdam, in the former police station. It is a very quiet and spacious place, with great coffee.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Saar R.



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