Hey girls!

I am writing this after watching my daily Jon vlog. I know you also love these videos, but lately it has become even more amazing, since he has two filmers/friends in the vlogs now who are so funny. If you have not seen the latest yet, here is a link. I recommend everyone to start watching it. Jon is the boyfriend of blogger Janni, who as you know, I also adore.

The weather has been super nice up until now. Almost everyday I have been chilling with my friends in the sun. At uni, or at their cute little balconies. I always overreact a little bit when the weather starts getting nice, and I just want to run outside in my bikini. This is not such a good idea when it is 14Âș. Therefore you will also be seeing quite a lot of summery outfits on the blog from me. It is so funny how weird people look at you when you take pictures with bare legs in the winter. My brother was taking my pictures again, and he just tells me not to care.

Saar, I wanted to tell you how much fun I had with you Thursday night. We had an event together, and laughed so hard again. I do not know a lot of people who take their Subway to the theatre. That is why you are one of my favourite people. We can always be a little crazy together, especially with our friends Sammy and Fleur. It makes me super happy.

See you soon!




Dress: Forever 21, Cardigan: Forever 21, Shoes: Men at Work

Photographer: Thijs Leebeek




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