Hey girls!

Teg, when you told me about the Keukenhof, i did have to laugh a little bit (but did feel bad a bad about it haha). Everyone always takes the most amazing Instagram pictures there, so I understand why you wanted to go. The outfit post was amazing anyway so it really didn’t matter.

The fashion show was a big success, so I was really relieved about that. I loved that a lot of my friends came to watch, and that Fleur was one of the models. It made the day very special.

On Monday I met up with my best friend Kim, and we had a little clothing swap. That is honestly my best life hack. Whenever you feel fed up with your own closet, just exchange clothes with your friends, afterwards you both will have inspiration for new outfits. I love lending my clothes to people, because if I invest in clothes, I would rather have more people enjoy them than just me. This look belongs almost entirely to my bff. Thank you Kim!

Last night, Fleur and I ate pizza, and went to the gym after. I don’t know if that was the best idea, but we definitely had fun. We were laughing almost the whole entire time, so I’m sure we were very annoying. I also had her taking pictures of me for my Insta story, so awkward, but you know, I’m not in the gym often, so whenever I am I have to document it hahaha.

I hope you girls like this look, and Teg, I’ll see you tonight!






Skirt: Hollister, Shirt: Sparkle & Fade, Bra: H&M, Shoes: Converse, Necklace: Gift


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