Bonjour Teg!

My vacation is almost coming to an end, and I’m so sad about it. These two weeks have been so amazing. Since most of my vacation has been spent by the pool at our house in Saint-Maxime, and by the beach in Les Issambres, I wanted to share some of my experiences here. As you can see our house is really great! The best thing is that it has its own private pool, which always makes me the happiest. There isn’t a day that goes by without me going for a swim. Our beach days are spend only 2 minutes from our house at Plage 44. This is a beach club that has beds, and the best burgers and fries.


Saint-Maxime is a lovely village, with a lively city centre. We still need to drive about 20 minutes to get there, because we are on the border with the village Les Issambres. Saint-Maxime is very picturesque, and you can shop for souvenirs very well here. There aren’t any really big stores, but we have spent many evenings just looking around. There is an indoor market in the village with fresh foods, like fish, fruits, and bread, that opens in the morning and the late afternoon.


If we want to have dinner we usually go to one of the restaurants near our house. Yesterday we all dressed up and went out for dinner in Les Issambres.


Even though both villages don’t have much of a nightlife, you can drink cocktails in Saint-Maxime till about midnight, and all the shops stay open very late. Sometimes we just go here for ice-cream after dinner, and look at boats.


I would really recommend staying here for the summer. It is slightly cheaper than satying in Saint-Tropez, but you’re still near all the bigger villages. I have been here two times now, and would love to come back again!




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