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How is your vacation going so far? I always get this nostalgic feeling when the summer vacation comes to an end, and I have to start doing something again. I haven’t had it that bad for the past three years because uni is basically a vacation, or at least it was for me. Now I’m starting a full-time internship tomorrow I’m low-key, not so low-key, freaking out. I’m so scared of having to meet new people again, and really live an adult life for the first time ever. Luckily, I have my bestie Priyal to be my colleague and help me through the start. Now I shared my struggles with you, let’s get to the point of this blog post. Now I have to go back to real life again, I’m missing Italy even more. I still really want to share all my experiences with you, so over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more photos and stories from my vacation.

So let’s do a little throwback to Florence. Earlier I shared my favorite spots in Florence, but there’s so much more to show you. Florence is the most beautiful city, and I felt so happy there. I love just going out on my own and exploring the city. You can see on all the photos how photogenic the city is, but I encourage you to go and see for yourself. Aar thought he discovered a professional photographer in himself, so he was constantly taking photos of us, some better than others. Because I’m super into social media and strive for a nice Instagram feed, I need a lot of pictures of myself, and because I don’t have an Instagram boyfriend my family needs to step up to the plate.

We stayed at an Airbnb where there was no air-conditioning, and in Florence mid-summer it gets HOT HOT HOT. We did have an amazing rooftop and comfortable beds. Eating we always did in the city, because there are so many nice places to eat, and things to do, I don’t think I’ve even discovered half of it. Even though I’ve already been to Florence twice, I can’t wait to go back.






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