Hey sweeties,

Teg, that hotspot looked amazing! I love everything pink as you know. I’m so proud of you finishing your internship, now you can really start to enjoy your vacation.

Sunday, my parents and I went to the boat. I really don’t know why, but I got a serious thing for boats. I just love being on the water, being able to swim whenever you want, and going really fast. I also really like to control the boat, but when we went into the haven, I accidentally went to slow, and the engine shut down. At first it was kind of funny, until me and mom had to start paddling to get back to the haven, which obviously wasn’t going to work, so an other boat had to help us hahaha.

The day before, my mom and I went vintage shopping, I really like having clothes that are super original, but I also feel a bit out of place at those stores, because the people who shop there are so cool. I walked past this store during the prep for the fashion show, and I saw a dress in the shop window that I immediately fell in love with, and since true love doesn’t wait, I bought it. Now it’s my favourite summer dress. I will do an outfit post of it, but I’ll save that for some day special. Saturday, I went back to the store, and bought this denim overall dress. My style is usually a bit more classic, but I thought this piece was so cool and comfy. I have a strong feeling that it is made from an old man’s shirt, which is so funny.

I hope you girls are having a great week!







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