Hello my Darlings,

My Christmas vacation has almost come to an end. I’m both happy and sad about that. Sad because I don’t always looooveee going to university, but happy because I’m super excited to see all of my friends again. As time passes more and more of my friends will return from their exchange, and that just feels like the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

I have had a friend filled last few days with baking with Lucia, Masha coming by and doing a podcast, my best friend Kim making a surprise appearance, and a lot of family time. Speaking of family time, Tuesday, I went with my parents to Amsterdam, mostly to shop, and to look around a bit. I love the energy of Amsterdam, and in winter the city is so beautiful.

First, we went to the Brandy Melville, I hadn’t been here in months and it’s my favorite store, so I went really cray cray in there. I bought three comfy sweaters and one super cute red backpack. I’m so into sweaters lately, I have no idea why. I mean, because it’s winter, but I have such a desire to be comfy lately, still in heels and combined with a skirt obvi.

We visited the “Bergijn hofje” where there were some beautiful sights. Amsterdam truly is one of a kind. After some more shopping, we returned home, tired but happy.

How has your vacation been?





2 thoughts on “WINTER AMSTERDAM

  1. I went back in the Summer and it is such a beautiful city! I love it to pieces and I would happily go back. It looks just as amazing in the Winter Time. I never saw the wall with the paintings last time I went but that is really unique!

    Adell x

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